Residential Apartments

Project details

This project involves the transformation of an existing community center into a set of modern residential apartments. The site is located in a vibrant neighborhood, and the goal of the project is to create comfortable and sustainable living spaces for residents.

As an Architectural Technologist, I have been instrumental in shaping the overall vision and design of the project. My responsibilities have included overseeing every aspect of the design process, from initial concept development to construction administration, and ensuring that the final result meets the needs and expectations of future residents.

The project involves a number of unique challenges, including repurposing an existing building and navigating local zoning regulations. However, through careful planning and attention to detail, we have been able to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space that will enhance the quality of life for its occupants.

Area of site

770 m2



Status of the project

Under construction


Brockville, Ontario

Design Drawings

Existing Floor Plan
Proposed Floor Plan

Permit Drawings

360o Virtual Panorama

Concept Renderings

Proposed Façade
Existing Façade

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